Tokens landed due to a black swan (covid-19), after receiving a radio, margin call. Tanks and storage were immediately refilled, as the cost of DTR propellant fell bellow the ICO price ($0.01). Platform is fully functional, as it was outlined in a white paper. What banks are for fiat, exchanges are becoming for crypto (deposits, transfers, loans). Mission to the Moon may be delayed only for a while ($0.01 is the old $0.02, but we might see $0.04 soon).

Video credit: SpaceX, Tokens touching down on the ground

New platform features are often rumored by team members on Telegram and developers are open to community suggestions. Rocket propulsion tests will be conducted with a new DTR burning competition. Platform users will place orders to reposition crypto sattelite Solo (SOLO), to the Moon or back to the ground and it might stay in orbit, if made exchangeable for an underlying asset (value) at anytime.

Video credit: SpaceX, Tokens Solo competition

* Fictional article. Read this only if you are interested in crypto space and are familiar with crypto phrases.