users can borrow funds, using crypto assets as collateral. They can choose between borrowing stable coins tether (USDT) and stasis (EURS), and may store, or exchange funds for any other crypto assets like bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), or withdraw and convert them to fiat currency like dollar (USD) and euro (EUR). Dynamic trading rights (DTR) tokens are used as collateral, any other digital assets have to be exchanged first.

Users may get a loan of 0.01 USDT per DTR or 0.009 EURS per DTR (the loan limit) as collateral. The amount users can borrow depends on the value of their collateral and is not bounded by the expiration date. Loan interest rate is set to 0.0335% per day, which is equivalent to 13% per year. Users must return the entire loan, only a part of the loan, or add collateral, before liquidation level is reached (two times the loan limit). If it is reached, exchange reserves the right to write off borrowed funds at the same value and liquidate collateral, DTR tokens at market price, provided for the loan to obtain repayment.

Users can leverage, or use borrowed funds in the purchase of an crypto asset and hold DTR as collateral, with the expectation, that the profit exceedes the borrowing cost. On the other hand, there is a risk that leveraging, or holding DTR as collateral, results in a loss.