June 2020 AMA


B.V. TradingTokens.net: How will computing power and storage sharing look like, for an average user (marketplace, program download)? What are you currently working on, when can we expect MVP? TY

ColossusXT (COLX): The marketplace and Colossus Grid will be inside the ColossusXT desktop wallet that you currently have now. The UI/UX will change some to allow the additional settings and tabs that will become available and we’re preparing an MVP right now and we hope to share those details with you over the next few months, ask us again in the Q3 AMA if you haven’t seen anything yet :) >>


@B.V. TradingTokens.net: What are the best use cases for $LANA #AskLana

LanaCoin (LANA): Social tipping, micropayment, timestamps for event. Use cases are emerging on daily basics. The founder recentlly purchased 4 salami with Lanacoin for example, this year we had a few Poker tournaments monetized by Lana, another father of another Lana tips his daughter for here swimming achivement. Anything goes as long as its legal and someone finds it usefull. >>